David Bodner Holiday Gift Choice for 2013

David BodnerIt is at this time of year when friends, family and readers of the David Bodner Product Review Blog usually ask me what it is I’m buying for those on my list. I do put a lot of though in to my gift giving, and every year I struggle to find that perfect gift where I can buy (and recommend) one item that has applications for many different people and many different uses. This year, thankfully, I came across an item that is not too expensive and everybody seems to be excited about. I decided to purchase Google Chromecast for those on my list. As an early adapter, I have been using Chromecast for some time already, and at this point I am very excited to share my opinions and give this gift to others. If you have not come across Chromecast yet, I’ll explain what it is and how it works. Chromecast lets you stream video and audio from your computer or phone across your wireless network to your TV. Now, you think something like that would be complicated. But that is the real beauty of Chromecast. It is awesomely simple and it’s quite literally plug and play. In my opinion, this can be used for many different things and I think everyone I’ve mentioned it to has been really excited to receive it. Whatever you decided to give those on your list, good luck with your gift giving this holiday season!

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